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Archived Alive! Leaderboard

It’s been a long time since we saw action on the leaderboard that’s for sure, and then “The Dark Side” returned after playing BODY OF EVIDENCE to swipe the top slot from the clutches of ‘Try To Beat Us’ who had remained unchallenged in the #1 slot for a very long time. Come on all you rebels, it’s time you stood up against the evil empire and strike back to reclaim the top spot!

1st Place = The Dark Side @ -17:55
2nd Place = Try To Beat Us @ -16:12
3rd Place = Lara 25 @ -15:58

4th Place = 3 Second Losers @ -15:55
5th Place = Riverside Heroes @ -15:27
6th Place = The 4 Musketeers @ -15:16
7th Place = S(squared) @ -14:49
8th Place = Hot Tubbers @ -14:15
9th Place = Frewzle @ -12:58
10th Place = Nick’s Angels @ -12:52

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