Archived Alive! Leaderboard – History Mystery Escape Games


Archived Alive! Leaderboard

Our leaderboard hadn’t seen much action in a long, long time (same goes for our historian). It must be the warmer weather that brought the brains out – ‘Mystery Inc’ bounded straight into the No.3 spot, proving that when it comes to puzzling they really did have a scooby-doo. ‘Friday Club’ started their weekend with a smile as they landed #4 on the leaderboard, and they were very closely followed by ‘#NoAdultingAllowed’. Here is how it’s all looking:

1st Place = The Super-Friends @ -19:06
2nd Place = The Dark Side @ -17:55
3rd Place = Mystery Inc @ -16:32

4th Place = Friday Club @ -16:26
5th Place = Try To Beat Us @ -16:12
6th Place = Lara 25 @ -15:58
7th Place = 3 Second Losers @ -15:55
8th Place = #NoAdultingAllowed @ -15:31
9th Place = Riverside Heroes @ -15:27
10th Place = Mystery Sharks @ -15:26

If you think you can master our puzzles and want to stake your claim for the top of the leaderboard then book your game now.