Archived Alive! Leaderboard – History Mystery


Archived Alive! Leaderboard

Our first game ARCHIVED ALIVE closes at the end of October, so there’s still time for your team to go down in history.

Nothing deceitful about “Judas & I”, our City Historian Herbert was most impressed at being freed in just 30:30!! Now that’s going to take some beating for sure, not only is it the quickest time in ARCHIVED ALIVE, it is also the fastest time in any of our games!!! Have you got what it takes to beat that, well you don’t have long to find out:

1st Place = Judas & I @ 30:30
2nd Place = Mystery Dragons @ 38:03
3rd Place = Missing Sherlock @ 38:36

4th Place = The Super-Friends @ 40:54
5th Place = Selfish Starleaf @ 41:04
6th Place = MS & MH @ 41:09
7th Place = Team Loades Minus 2 @ 41:17
8th Place = Team UEA @ 41:27
9th Place = JET++ @ 41:49
10th Place = The Three Musketeers @ 41:50

If you think you can master our puzzles and want to stake your claim for the top of the leaderboard then book your game now.