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BoE Leader Board
Body of Evidence Leaderboard

It’s been a while since we had a leaderboard update for BODY OF EVIDENCE, let alone the coveted top spot! Finally the lovely S(squared) ladies (who have played well over 1,000 games) have been demoted to second place by the magnificent M.H.C.J.L. Alliance. We expect those human puzzle machines to take some beating, but come and have have a go if you think you’re fast enough.

1st Place = M.H.C.J.L. Alliance @ -22:50
2nd Place = S(squared) @ -21:54
3rd Place = Rob’s Stag @ -21.48

4th Place = Stay in School @ -20:36
5th Place = The Legends @ -17:45
6th Place = Mr X @ -17:26
7th Place = Add On @ -17:16
8th Place = Lucky Number 7 @ -16:46
9th Place = Pigs Stink @ -16:30
10th Place = Guildhall Not Guilty @ -16:23

We love a bit of competition so if you think you can rival these times then book your game now.