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BoE Leader Board
Body of Evidence Leaderboard

Our leaderboard has seen some action in the last month with three teams working their way on there. Our top spot remains the lovely undefeated S(squared), who run the blog and recently played their 400th escape game, making them the most seasoned escape gamers to crack the case so far! We expect they will take some beating, but we’d love to see anyone take up the challenge.

1st Place = S(squared) @ -21:54
2nd Place = The Legends @ -17:45
3rd Place = Mr X @ -17:26

4th Place = Add On @ -17:16
5th Place = Guildhall Not Guilty @ -16:23
6th Place = Binky 51 @ -16:12
7th Place = DLC Crew @ -16:06
8th Place = The Mystery Avengers @ -15:15
9th Place = The One Where… @ -14:46
10th Place = The Polymaths @ -14:33

We love a bit of competition so if you think you can rival these times then book your game now.