Frequently Asked Questions – History Mystery

Frequently Asked Questions

Section 1 – Tell me more about my escape game experience

  • Q Who can play escape games?

    Escape Games are primarily designed for adults, but are suitable for families with children age 10 years and up, as long as the children are accompanied by adults. Due to the complexity of our puzzles and the immersiveness of our settings we strongly recommend a player ratio of at least 1 adult per 3 children aged under 14 and at least one adult must be present for groups that contain players under 16 years of age. There’s nothing physically demanding and no upper age limit. If you are in good general health and can negotiate some steps to access the games in our heritage locations, that’s all we ask. All our games have somewhere to sit down if you need to.

  • Q Can I bring my young child along with me?

    We’re sorry, but children under 8 years of age are not permitted at all in our standard Escape Games as they are designed to be played by adults and older children, so do not contain elements suitable to entertain younger children for an hour. In addition, games are not designed to be child-safe and contain items, such as cupboard doors and small objects, that could be hazardous to young children whilst accompanying adults are distracted by the game. Any of our games that are suitable for younger children will be clearly advertised as being games for children.

  • Q When should I arrive for my escape game?

    Please arrive ready to play your game at the start time shown on your booking confirmation email. You are welcome to arrive earlier, but it is unlikely that your game will be ready more than 10 minutes before your start time. When you arrive on time we will fully brief you on your mission and give you a full hour to enjoy the game. If you arrive late we may have to start the clock without you, especially during busy periods when we have a game booked into the following time slot.

  • Q Why should I play a History Mystery escape game?

    Everyone loves a puzzle, and playing our exhilarating escape games with family and friends is amazing fun. You’ll discover a whole new level of entertainment:

    > If you love escape games, you’ll love this unique twist on the game concept which adds richness, interest and depth to the gaming experience.
    > If you love history, you’ll find no better way to immerse yourself in real stories from the past whilst experiencing unique heritage locations.
    > If you’re looking for something great to do, give it a go, it’ll make a memorable day out or an evening of entertainment that you won’t stop talking about.

  • Q What should I expect from my escape game?

    On arrival your mission will be made clear by our friendly Gamemaster. What then follows is a fun hour of immersive gameplay in locations steeped in history. You’ll work together to solve puzzles and unlock clues, while learning a few things about the historic location you are in and hopefully solving the mystery and saving the day.

  • Q How many people can play an escape game?

    Between 2 and 10 players, depending on the game. Be aware that 2 players will really be up against the clock, but the challenge will always be fun! It’s more about how you work and communicate with your team, rather than how many people you have.

  • Q Can I bring my dog or other pet along?

    I’m afraid not, escape games are not suitable environments for pets of any kind.

  • Q Will we have the escape game to ourselves?

    Yes, your team gets exclusive use of your booked escape game, although you will be monitored by our Gamemaster as we have to look after the historic listed buildings that we are in.

  • Q Are there live actors?

    Our Gamemasters are there to ensure you have fun, to help you make the most of your escape game experience and the location more atmospheric. There’s nothing to be scared of and we are all really quite nice.

  • Q What if I am late for my escape game?

    There are always circumstances that occur outside of our control, so we’ll do our best to get you into the room as soon as you arrive and you will have the remainder of your booked hour to complete your escape game. However, if none of you have arrived 15 minutes after your game start time, this will be a no show and unfortunately we will have to refuse entry if there is an escape game booked in the following slot.

  • Q How long will my escape game experience last?

    Please allow up to 1 hours and 20 minutes for the complete experience. You should arrive at your game start time to receive your team briefing, then you have up to 1 hour to complete your escape game. After that we will take your team photo if you wish and be delighted to hear how you got on with the escape game.

  • Q What if we need help?

    Our Gamemaster will be on hand to provide helpful hints if you really get stuck. If you want to get out of the room for any reason, you are not locked in and we will help you out in any way we can.

  • Q How much does an escape game cost?

    Please check out our games for your choice of location using the ‘GAMES & PRICES’ link at the top of this page for details of how much the escape games cost.

  • Q What if I want to leave the escape game before my hour is up?

    We can’t think of any reason why you’d want to stop having fun, but if you need to then please communicate with our Gamemaster and let us know what is wrong; we are here to help.  The door is not locked and you are free to leave. But do come back soon.

  • Q What should I wear?

    Comfortable footwear and clothing are ideal.  All our rooms are indoors but you could be walking on uneven floors and steps in our historic venues and there could be dust and flaking paintwork around.

  • Q What should I bring?

    Yourself, your family, your friends or your colleagues and your sense of fun. Oh, and your booking confirmation, printed or on your phone. If you lose your booking confirmation don’t panic, some other proof of who you are will suffice.

  • Q Can I take personal belongings into the room?

    Yes, you can take all your belongings into the room with you, where we will provide some space where coats and small bags can be tucked away safely.

  • Q Can I take food and drink into the room?

    No, consumption of food is not permitted inside any of our game rooms and drinks are only allowed in at the discretion of our Gamemasters, such as on very hot days. Even then, drinks are only allowed in closed screw-top containers that must remain away from the main game area at all times. Do check out particular locations for the local facilities. Most of our sites have refreshments available close by.

  • Q Do I need any knowledge of the location or history of the venue?

    No, everything you need to complete your mission is contained inside the room. We won’t be testing you when you leave, but we know you’ll be much wiser!

  • Q What happens if I don’t complete the mission in time?

    Don’t worry, you are not locked in and we’ll come and get you after the hour is up, plenty of people don’t finish the game and it’s the taking part that counts. Of course you are always welcome to come back and try another time, we’d love to see you again.

  • Q What happens if I complete the mission early?

    Well there are always the smart ones. Well done, use the rest of your time to bask in your glory and we hope you’ll visit another of our locations soon to repeat your success. Check our website or keep an eye on our Twitter for details of future locations and games opening.

  • Q Can I take photos or videos during the escape game?

    Please don’t; it would detract from your own enjoyment of your hour and also it would spoil it for other visitors if our secrets got out. An optional team photo will be taken after your escape game and will be accessible from our Facebook pages.  Please do feel free to share or tag yourself.

Section 2 – Are there any restrictions?

  • Q Are there any access restrictions?

    Our historic venues and rooms may have uneven floors and steps to access our game rooms, so unfortunately are not accessible to wheelchair users unless clearly stated.

  • Q Are there any physical restrictions?

    No, if you are in generally good health that’s fine. We want your escape game experience to be fun, and the games are not physically demanding. The games themselves mainly require thinking but some do require a small amount of manual dexterity and visual acuity, pre-recorded sound effects may be used and lighting levels are generally good, with torches provided when required. There’s somewhere to sit down in each room and you can call on the Gamemaster if you need us.

  • Q Will I be scared?

    No, no one will touch you or harass you and you won’t be locked in, those who suffer from claustrophobia can be assured that our rooms are of reasonable size. If we put on any special events and want you to be scared, we will make that quite clear!!

Section 3 – Bookings and cancellations

  • Q How do I book?

    Please visit our online bookings page here, which will show you what times are available to book, process your booking and take payment in advance. We recommend booking in advance to secure your preferred time slot, but we can take bookings on the day, subject to availability.

  • Q What if I want to bring extra people on the day?

    We can increase your booking size up to your game’s maximum number of players, subject to an additional card payment, if you contact us via the email address or phone number shown on your booking confirmation. Please try to let us know by the day before if you are planning to add players, so we can send you an updated booking confirmation and online payment link. Please note that if you add additional players on the day of your booking we can only accept a single card payment using the card the original booking was made with, or cash on arrival.

  • Q What about corporate bookings?

    Yes, we can do that. Contact us via email to discuss how we can tailor your event, whether it’s a work social event or a fun way to build teams and communication skills as part of a corporate training or development event.

  • Q Can I cancel or rearrange my escape game booking?

    We are sorry but we are unable to guarantee to rearrange escape game bookings. Contact us via the email address or phone number shown on your booking confirmation and we’ll see what we can do to rearrange, but if we can’t rearrange or you decide to cancel the booking then we can’t refund you.

  • Q Do I need to print my booking confirmation email?

    Please bring it along with you so we can verify who you are. It doesn’t need to be printed, on a phone or tablet will do nicely. If you lose it an alternative form of identification to prove who you are will generally suffice.

  • Q Can I pay cash on the day?

    To guarantee your booking you must booking and pay online in advance. If you visit us in person we can make a same-day booking for you, and if you bring extra guests (to a max of 10 players, depending on the game) we can take an additional card or cash payment.

Section 4 – Where do I find History Mystery escape games?

  • Q How do I get there?

    Please refer to the site location pages for all details on where to find us.

  • Q Can I play History Mystery escape games in other locations?

    Yes, that’s our intention. Look out for other historical cities and heritage locations opening soon.

We hope this information is useful to you. If you have any specific concerns or questions we’ve not covered, please email us at

Full details can be found on our Booking Terms and Conditions page.