Secrets of the Tunnels Leaderboard – History Mystery

It’s a brand new game, which means a brand new leaderboard and your chance to get on it. We’re already seeing the SECRETS OF THE TUNNELS being revealed in some fantastic times, and being a new game means there’s plenty of room for movement on that leaderboard, so don’t delay and get your name on there today!

For now the crown goes to lightning fast Platinum Club members ‘Mind the Step’ who saved our hapless historian in 37 mins 26 secs, long before their air ran out down in those dark tunnels!

In a medieval street buried in the shadow of Norwich Castle, Herbert the City Historian has disappeared excavating hidden tunnels whilst hot on the trail of an ancient king’s legendary burial site. Are you brave enough to risk collapsing tunnels and bad air to rescue our hapless historian in record time? Here’s how the Top 10 is shaping up for now:

1st Place = Mind the Step @ 37:26 (7 players)
2nd Place = Starleaf1 Team @ 41:52 (5 players)
3rd Place = Woody @ 44:33 (4 players)

4th Place = The Pocket Rockets @ 45:04 (6 players) NC
5th Place = Hottubbers @ 45:09 (6 players)
6th Place = Once Upon A Team @ 46:49 (4 players)
7th Place = Team Loades @ 47:24 (6 players)
8th Place = That’ll Do Donkey! @ 47:28 (3 players)
9th Place = Four Friendos @ 48:50 (4 players)
10th Place = Two Peas In A Pod @ 49:32 (2 players)

With such a new game and wide range on the leaderboard, there’s still a great chance for your team to get your name up there as one of the best so far, so don’t delay and book your game today.