The Merchants’ Vaults Leaderboard – History Mystery

Autumn is here and teams are keeping their cool deep underground. We are delighted to welcome back both familiar faces and many new ones too. Lots of Platinum Club members using their discounts on this game and loads of new players becoming members of our exclusive Platinum Club which you can join after three wins with us.

Ultimate Quizbee were literally buzzing when they earned #1 place on our leaderboard, and also 2nd fastest team to ever complete our games – the quickest time being 30:30! Now that’s certainly going to take some beating.

In Norwich’s largest medieval undercroft beneath The Museum of Norwich on Bridewell Alley, teams have taken on the challenge of escaping THE MERCHANTS’ VAULTS, or else finding themselves facing the horrors of debtors’ prison. Here are the lucky few who not only made it out in time, but got their name in lights on our leaderboard. Here’s how it’s shaping up

1st Place = Ultimate Quizbee @ 34:51 (5 players)
2nd Place = The Lot From Norwich Plus One @ 37:02 (5 players)
3rd Place = Howage @ 37:53 (5 players)

4th Place = Kennon’s Kalamity @ 38:51 (4 players)
5th Place = Races Spine Clean @ 40:01 (5 players)
6th Place = The Tinpot Team @ 41:27 (5 players)
7th Place = Escape from Victory @ 41:43 (5 players)
8th Place = Mystery Sharks @ 43:11 (4 players)
9th Place = The Bears @ 43:29 (4 players)
10th Place = Challionge Accepted @ 43:34 (4 players)

Can you get your name up there as the best of the best? Well don’t delay and book your game now.