The Queenmaker Leaderboard – History Mystery Escape Games

It’s a brand new game launched mid August 2017 and our leaderboard for The Queenmaker has certainly seen some right royal successes!  As you can see we’ve had some impressive wins in the opening weeks, each weekend we see new teams jostling for the prestigious top 10 slots. The Terrible Tudors held their reign for 4 weeks but this weekend they were knocked off the top spot – by a first time team too.

We are pleased to see so many teams returning to play our game and earning a place in our Platinum Club.  Also great to see new teams getting their names in lights on our leaderboard.  Here’s how it’s shaping up:

1st Place = GoSo Escape @ 49:14 (10 players)
2nd Place = Terrible Tudors @ 49:19 (3 players)
3rd Place = JAAC @ 49:55 (4 players)

4th Place = Sherlocks @ 50:39 (4 players)
5th Place = Bunny Hold @ 50:55 (4 players)
6th Place = The Pocket Rockets @ 51:02 (7 players)
7th Place = Pump Harder Pete @ 55:10 (5 players)
8th Place = Social Climbers @ 56:33 (2 players)
9th Place = The Blickling Five @ 56:58 (5 players)
10th Place = Team Charlotte @ 57:17 (5 players)

With a new game we think it’s a little bit easier to get your name up there as the best of the best, so don’t delay and book your game now.