The Queenmaker Leaderboard – History Mystery Escape Games

Well Spring has certainly sprung, teams have leapt into action and our leaderboard has seen more action recently than Henry VIII ever did (and that’s saying something)!

Our most recent additions to the board are ‘Visiting Convicts’ who stole the top slot away from ‘The Magdalen Monsters’, and ‘Sandra’s Sleuths’ whose puzzling powers earned them 3rd place. As you can see, it doesn’t matter whether you are a team of 2 or 10, there’s a chance for all to get their name in lights on our leaderboard. Here’s how it’s shaping up

1st Place = Visiting Convicts @ 38:42 (8 players)
2nd Place = The Magdalen Monsters @ 42:44 (4 players)
3rd Place = Sandra’s Sleuths @ 42:48 (8 players)

4th Place = The Mystery Cats @ 43:02 (5 players)
5th Place = James’s Team @ 43:19 (6 players)
6th Place = The Queenmakers @ 43:52 (4 players)
7th Place = Matt With A Touch Of Gloss @ 47:05 (10 players)
8th Place = S(squared) @ 47:54 (2 players)
Joint 9th Place = Team Sparke @ 47:59 (4 players)
Joint 9th Place = Henry’s Barmy Army @ 47:59 (6 players)

Can you get your name up there as the best of the best? Don’t delay and book your game now.