The Queenmaker Leaderboard – History Mystery Escape Games

Since the game’s launch in mid-August the leaderboard has seen some right royal action that’s for sure. When we heard that the delightful S(squared) ladies were coming in to play their 650th escape game, not only did we feel hugely honoured but were pretty sure our leaderboard was going to change again. We weren’t wrong – with 47:54 on the clock that puts their name in lights at #1 in THE QUEENMAKER. Still holding the #1 slot in BODY OF EVIDENCE and also still #8 in ARCHIVED ALIVE, they are the only team to have their name on all three leaderboards.

We’re pleased to see so many teams returning to play our game and earning a place in our Platinum Rewards Club. S(squared) were particularly pleased to walk away with one of those. Here’s how it’s shaping up:

1st Place = S(squared) @ 47:54 (2 players)
2nd Place = GoSo Escape @ 49:14 (10 players)
3rd Place = The Captains @ 49:16 (4 players)

4th Place = Terrible Tudors @ 49:19 (3 players)
5th Place = Team Badger @ 49:26 (10 players)
6th Place = JAAC @ 49:55 (4 players)
7th Place = Sherlocks @ 50:39 (4 players)
8th Place = Bunny Hold @ 50:55 (4 players)
9th Place = The Pocket Rockets @ 51:02 (7 players)
10th Place = SSCJ @ 51.06 (4 players)

With a new game we think it’s a little bit easier to get your name up there as the best of the best, so don’t delay and book your game now.