Find Us at Blickling Church in Norfolk – History Mystery

Escape Game at Blickling Church in Norfolk

The History Mystery escape game at Blickling takes place in the beautiful St Andrew’s Church. The church stands at the gateway to the stunning Blickling Estate and dates back to the early 13th century, although it was extensively remodelled during Victorian times. Blickling Manor, which predates the 17th century Blickling Hall, belonged to the Boleyn family and, whilst there remains debate as to whether Anne herself was born there, she would certainly have worshipped in the church as a child and may even have been christened in its magnificent 15th century font.

Where To Find Us

History Mystery at Blickling, Norfolk can be found at:

St Andrew's Church, Blickling, Norwich, NR11 6NG

Parking at Blickling is limited, especially during peak tourist season. There is free parking available for two cars available at the church, on the patch of grass on the Aylsham side of the graveyard. Parking at the church is only available for the duration of your game, so if you’re planning to stay to enjoy the rest of the Blickling Estate, please park at the National Trust car park which is three minutes walk away, where parking is free for National Trust members and £5 a day for non-members.

Please Note: There are no refreshment or toilet facilities at Blickling Church, so please ensure you have used other local facilities before you arrive. There are public conveniences located in Aylsham market place, 5 minutes drive away and open every day until 8pm. During the day you can also visit the cafe and toilets in Blickling Hall courtyard, they can be found 50 meters up the access road directly to the the left of the church and non National Trust members are welcome too.

Escape Game Accessibility

Blickling Church is a listed building in a largely unmodernised condition and only wheelchair accessible with assistance. There are no disabled toilet facilities in the building  with the nearest facilities around 100m away and only available during daytime hours. To access the church there is a 20m uphill rough path through the graveyard with a number of shallow steps. Once inside the church there are a small number of single steps that have to be frequently moved up and down during the course of the game. It would be possible for a wheelchair user to play the game if they had assistance to push across the graveyard and move up and down the internal steps. The game mainly requires problem solving skills but does require an amount of manual dexterity and visual acuity, with reading glasses required if used. Pre-recorded sound effects are used and lighting levels are mostly medium throughout, with torches provided for use in low light areas.