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If you have a general question, chances are it has already been answered in our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (click here), here’s the most frequent:

Q: Do you have any games available at… ? A: We have a live online booking system (click here) that shows you all the games available each day. For special events and corporate bookings at times not shown as available, please contact us as we may still be able to help.

Q: Can children play your escape games? A: All our games are suitable for children age 10 years+, when accompanied by adults. Due to complexity of puzzles and immersiveness of settings we require a player ratio of at least 1 adult per 3 children under 14. Children under 8 are not permitted as the games are not child-safe environments.

Q: Can you squeeze another player into the game? A: The maximum players shown for each game can’t be exceeded under any circumstances, it’s a safety thing, although we do have a couple of 10 player games available at evenings and weekends.

Q: I have more players than the maximum number, what can you do? A: We have several games available so you can split up across two or more different games at the same time. Large groups really enjoy playing as smaller teams as everyone gets to play more of the game, and a little bit of healthy competition adds to the fun!

Q: I need more than one game at the same time, but aren’t’ sure of numbers, can I reserve the game slots? A: If you need more than one game at the same time we strongly recommend making a reservation sooner rather than later. We can reserve games for you for a non-refundable deposit of £25 per game and you can adjust player numbers later.

If you have a specific question, contacting History Mystery® couldn’t be easier and we look forward to hearing from you. Call us on 01603 327515, email us at or simply drop us a line using this contact form:

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