History Mystery Heritage Hunt – History Mystery

History Mystery Heritage Hunt

Welcome to the History Mystery Heritage Hunt, a fun-filled voyage of discovery around Norwich’s historical hotspots. All you need is a mobile browser to access the online clues, an hour or so to spare and a little bit of puzzle-solving brain power.

You can play at any time of day, it doesn’t matter how long you take to finish, and you don’t need to enter any buildings. Make your way to the marketplace near The Guildhall (NR2 1JS) and tap the button below to start the game.

It’s just for fun and there are no prizes, but if you’d like to send us your email address we’ll add you to our mailing list and keep you updated on our special offers and events. You’re not obliged to send us your details and can just hit the start button to get straight to it. Have fun!

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This activity is brought to you by the team behind the History Mystery Game at Norwich’s Guildhall. Please note that by undertaking the History Mystery Heritage Hunt you agree that you and your team do so at your own risk and children will remain supervised at all times. The event takes place entirely in public streets and the organisers accept no liability for any loss or injury.

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