History Mystery Heritage Hunt Clues – History Mystery

History Mystery Heritage Hunt Clues

Norwich’s story is told all around the city on dozens of signboards and blue or green plaques like these:

Heritage information signs

To complete the History Mystery Heritage Hunt you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Find the historic building by deciphering the cryptic clue.
  2. Once there, answer the question using historical facts from signboards or plaques and type the answer into the relevant space below.
  3. New words will reveal themselves and provide the final puzzle.
  4. We’ve provided a few photos of interesting things you can see nearby the places you’ll visit; these aren’t part of the puzzle but we think you might enjoy spotting them too.

On with the clues!

  • Take a stroll past the top of Norwich’s 900-year-old Market Place and somewhat more recent City Hall to discover Norwich’s largest church. In 1715, it made a resounding place in history with the world’s first true…

St Peter Mancroft Wooden Spire

  • The people of Norwich could assemble in this beautiful Georgian building between The Forum and Chapelfield Mall, long before the shopping centre ever existed. Even earlier than that, way back in the 13th Century you’d probably find students hanging out at college, originally built as a hospice in 1248 by…
  • There’s a pub in Timber Hill with a sinister sounding name. Well, one of them – it actually has two names. The sinister one dates from 1895 when a woman was put to death here by her estranged husband who, unusually for the time, avoided the noose. Their surname was…

Timberhall stag

  • You really can’t miss this solid Norman addition to the Norwich skyline. In the gardens below it, find out which King of France captured this building while he was still just a prince awaiting his throne.
  • Make your way towards the Normans’ second, and even taller, contribution to Norwich’s skyline. In the leafy, cobbled plain outside its gates, you’ll discover that the building boasts 1106 of these architectural features – the largest number in one place!

The Ethelbert Gate

While you’re here, make a note of what happened in 1272… more about that later!

Edith Cavell's memorial in Tombland

  • Past Norwich’s oldest hotel and across the road, towards the top of Norwich’s prettiest cobbled hill, you’ll find the only house in the street to survive a major fire in 1507. A rich merchant’s house at the time, a century earlier it had served a more charitable function as a…
  • At the other end of the cobbled hill, overlooking another of Norwich’s small plains, these two magnificent halls were originally home to the Black Friars, but are now better known for hosting concerts and the largest beer festival in England. What is the proper name of the religious order of Black Friars?
  • This building next to the Market Place is often mistaken for a church, but it’s a symbol of the city’s pride. It was the seat of local government from the 15th to the 20th centuries and is now home to History Mystery Games. In 1531 this Christian martyr was imprisoned here before being burnt at the stake:

The Last Piece of the Puzzle

Your explorations have revealed the answer above, and let us tell you why. Remember what happened at the cathedral in 1272? T’was a riot between the cathedral monks and the citizens of Norwich that left the city in the unique position of being the only one in England ever to be excommunicated by the Pope!

Finally, it’s now up to you to rearrange the letters to better describe the historic city of Norwich. Touch the buttons in the answer above to assemble a new word below:



This Heritage Hunt was originally created for Heritage Open Days. For more information on the wide range of Heritage Open Days events across Norwich, Norfolk and the whole of the UK, click on the image below.

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