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Medieval Norwich

History Mystery™ games can be experienced for the first time in the medieval city of Norwich, which started out as an Anglo-Saxon settlement that sprang up around the banks of the River Wensum after the Romans abandoned their East Anglian capital a few miles to the south. The city came into its own following the Norman conquest when William the Conqueror built the magnificent Norwich Castle soon after 1066, rapidly followed by Norwich Cathedral, the second-largest cathedral in the country. From Norman times through to the industrial revolution, Norwich prospered as England’s second city thanks to agricultural wealth and as the centre of the wool trade. To this day Norwich remains home to numerous historic buildings from throughout the medieval period.


History Mystery games at Norwich Guildhall occupy the country’s largest surviving medieval civic building outside London, dating back to 1407 and overlooking the 900-year-old market in the heart of the city. The Guildhall served as the seat of city government, a gaol and courthouse until recent times – in fact we still share the building with the current Sheriff of Norwich. The medieval council chamber and the Sheriff’s court room remain locked in time, exactly as they were the last day they were in session, while beneath the building lie prison cells of various ages that held prisoners from 1412 right up to 1985, including Robert Kett, leader of the the 1549 rebellion that took the city and threatened the Tudor reign.

Inspired by this stunning building, our team of heritage experts has delved into fascinating stories from the past to create some truly fiendish puzzles. Players get access to parts of the building rarely seen by the public to enjoy a thrilling hour solving mysteries based on Norwich’s rich history.