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PIP WILLETT – Site Manager, Norwich Guildhall

I was new to escape gaming when I joined the History Mystery team after the opening of ARCHIVED ALIVE, but I had wanted to play one for a long time, having been made aware of the immersive potential for the most thrilling hour you could imagine. With a lot of games under my belt now, I can say I’m as addicted as the rest of the team and, as far as addictions can go, it’s a very healthy one to have.

My previous experience is with theatre production, starting off producing shows at university and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, to joining production teams for shows both on and off West-End. I see escape gaming as the latest in exciting forms of live entertainment, with the player immersing themselves in each game. History Mystery takes this even further by telling a real-life story taken from the history of the building itself. You can almost feel the history bleed from the walls as the story comes to life the further you get through the game, and it’s something that really sets a History Mystery game apart from other escape games.

It’s a real joy getting to introduce people to escape gaming, with most of our players being first-timers, and to offer something a little different for other escape game addicts. The Guildhall is a beautiful building to work in and it’s wonderful to get to show people parts of the building they wouldn’t otherwise get to see, especially the atmospheric Gaol cells for our game BODY OF EVIDENCE.

With the dynamic of each team being different every time it means that no hour is ever the same for me and its amazing fun watching teams tackle our games, like a never-ending episode of The Crystal Maze! I’m itching to get new games open for others to enjoy soon.

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