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Our ‘Meet the Team’ series gives you the chance to get to know those behind History Mystery Game and continues with our Production Director, Richard Crowest. Richard, along with Creative Director Simon Basketter, is responsible for spending months researching and designing all the fiendish puzzles in our escape games. Below you can read all about his enviably varied career, which even included a stint as a presenter on Anglia TV; and Richard gives away as much as he can about his secrets behind the designing of escape games.



RICHARD CROWEST – Production Director

I’ll admit it – I have a problem. I get bored easily. Doing the same thing day in and day out soon gives me itchy feet, which is probably why my bizarre excuse for a career has so far included radio, television, marketing and heritage, as well as playing Louis Pasteur in a South Korean TV documentary. No, really. Obviously, then, I jumped at the opportunity when Alasdair told me the idea for History Mystery Games.

For starters, I love games of this kind. Like Al I was glued to The Adventure Game in my teens (I even auditioned to be a contestant, but they inexplicably turned me down, the fools), and I was addicted to Myst, the first of the immersive puzzle-solving computer games that ultimately spawned the whole escape game genre. Devising the games is also a really good fit with my weird array of job experience and skills, and I even get to appear as  ARCHIVED ALIVES’s hapless historian and a Victorian police inspector in BODY OF EVIDENCE.

It’s been a steep but really enjoyable learning curve. Until early 2015 I’d never heard of escape games, but a year later the first one we’d created was up and running and getting great reviews from our players. We learned a lot from that experience, and the second game, Body of Evidence needed a lot less testing and tweaking. Devising the games isn’t easy, though – it’s even more challenging than playing them, and my brain hurts a lot during the process. The only thing that makes it possible is a top-secret flow chart that shows how all the elements in each game relate to one another… but I’m not saying any more about that!

Despite the brain-ache, I’m looking forward to devising more fiendish History Mystery Games very soon. We have a great team with a remarkable range of diverse skills, and I’m delighted that the players agree that it shows in the end product.

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