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BEN LEACH – Games Master

From the very first time I played an escape game I knew I was hooked. Teaming up with friends and family to tackle various rooms is always such a good experience for me. When History Mystery go to visit other escape games we always find ourselves talking for hours about the game, usually laughing over the silly mistakes we have made whilst playing. Conjuring up all your brainpower to solve puzzles and clues is such a rewarding feeling that will never get old. The immersive nature of these fast-paced games is totally thrilling.

Being given the opportunity to become a Games Master in our family business was fantastic for me. Having the chance to share my enthusiasm with other players and see teams work together against the clock is highly satisfying. It is also great to see players having an enjoyable time whilst also picking up new wisdom about the history of Norwich that is entrenched within The Guildhall. The historical value that the Guildhall’s environment brings heightens the sense of realism of the games, allowing the stories to come to life!

As well as being a Games Master, I am currently studying Photography at Norwich University of the Arts. I was fortunate enough to create photographic content for the History Mystery website, as well as making the videos that are part of the game. It was an ideal job for me, being able to express my passion for escape games within my own creative practise of photography.

I am so glad that the escape game bug is spreading, with more and more games popping up for everyone to enjoy. The future of escape games is also a very exciting prospect for me, with the potential for new technologies to enhance the immersive experience of escape rooms.