It’s the taking part that counts! – Why escape games are just as thrilling whether you win or lose. – History Mystery

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It’s the taking part that counts! – Why escape games are just as thrilling whether you win or lose.

At History Mystery we love seeing people going away with their shiny winners’ badges. Something we like even more is everyone going away with big smiles on their faces.

Everyone going into a room hopes they can beat the clock, maybe even secure a place on the leader boards. Statistics suggest that about 40% win, so we are giving you 5 reasons why the 60% should still be pleased with themselves!

#1 You got to know your team mates (and yourself!) even better

Spending an hour in the confines of a room working under pressure really does bring out people’s strengths and weaknesses. But there’s never a weakness in an escape game, you just learn to pass the puzzles you are not good at to another teammate which will save you precious time in your next game. It really is good teamwork that will win you the game.

#2 You’ve still given the old grey matter a good work out

Scientists have proven that mental stimulation, such as the puzzles you’ll find in an escape game, really does train the brain and helps reduce dementia and improves memory. So playing regular escape games could mean never losing your car keys or forgetting your glasses are on your head again!

#3 You’ve got the whole family talking (for once!)

Seriously though, how many activities can you think of where Nan, Grandad, Mum and Dad, Great Aunty Iris and the sulky teenagers can do together?  Prizing them off the TV or internet is one thing, entertaining generations of family is another. Everyone gets to play a part and talk to each other without distractions of modern day life.

#4 You’ll still have fun

You’ll be laughing about who did what, who didn’t do what and that fun goes way further than just the hour. Now that’s value for money and memories are something money cannot buy. It’s a chance to endlessly tease your team mates about the blindingly obvious clue that they failed to get (oh hindsight is a wonderful thing!). As far as healthy addictions go we reckon escape games should be recommended by your GP and you’ll soon want to play another to chase a win.

#5 “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again”

Oh that old chestnut. Well it’s true. Go back to point #1 above, work out what your strengths are, what you’d do differently next time, think about where you found things and how the puzzles held together. You now have a strategy, a game plan. Grab your magnifying glass and Deer Stalker and get to work!

Think you could be one of the 40% who walk away with a win? Put yourself to the test and book your games here.