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Top Tips for New Escape Gamers

There is a lot to take in on your first game, often you stand there for a while contemplating where the heck to start! Precious time starts slipping away in what is going to seem the fastest of hour your life. We’re finding there are a number of phrases that we’re using all the time when chatting to teams. So we thought we’d share these with you and if you remember these while you play, we think you’ll smash the clock!

Tip #1 – “It’s not someone’s front room…..” So don’t be afraid to look behind things, under things, search the room thoroughly. Clues could be hidden anywhere. Don’t be polite, the room is set up for your enjoyment and your mum isn’t here to tell you off for the mess you make!

Tip #2 – “You might want to try that lock again…..” Okay so everyone thinks they know how to use a padlock, right? Well, let us tell you that they are notoriously fickle beasts, especially when that clock is ticking. Always line up numbers carefully or ask a teammate to check it. We are nice and tell you if you have the right code in the right lock if you give up, but other gamemasters might not be so forgiving!

Tip #3 – “Where did you find that…..?” Many things are strategically placed. Keep a track of what you have and haven’t used and where you found it. It could be useful; don’t wander off looking for something you don’t have if you have something you can already use. Generally if you’ve been made to work hard to find something, chances are that it’s important, so prioritise its use ahead of things you’ve found easily.

Tip #4 – “Work as a team; communication is key to winning the game…..” It doesn’t matter whether you are a team of 2 or 10, good communication is going to win you the game. Talk about what you’ve found and where you found it. Working as a team doesn’t mean staying together though, a good use of time is to split off around the room, try locks and thoroughly search the room. But keep talking (preferably about what you are doing!).

Tip #5 – “You’ll play differently next time…..” We guarantee that after your game you’ll be talking about it for hours. Who found what where, exclaiming “oh of course!”, laughing about who had the code all along and didn’t try the lock they were standing right next to etc. etc. You’ll be dreaming about codes and locks for weeks. But the next time you play, you’ll definitely do something different and your time and understanding of how games work will improve.

Tip #6 – “Warning: escape games are addictive…..” When The History Mystery Game team played our first game, we were straight online to book another for the next day!

And, you know what, even if you forget all of the above and don’t manage to win the game, we guarantee you’ll still have an hour of immense fun trying!

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